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Chapstick Facts

May. 17th, 2006 | 05:21 pm
location: Chapstick Galaxy
mood: geeky geeky
posted by: jayda26 in chapstickfeind

Here's today's Chapstick Junkie Questions?

How do you know if you are a chapstick junkie?

Look for these signs to see if you are at risk...

1. You go through chapsticks faster than kindergartners
go through elmer's paste.

2. When you were a kid you didn't eat paste because you
had something better.

3. You leave chapsticks all over your home so that you
will always have one within reach.

4. You still manage to run out.

5. You can only hold out for at least 15 minutes with
the poor flavor,nasty chemical composition, etc. of carmex
or vaseline--but in a bind,you'll use it anyways.

6. You start using only one flavor, when your lips acquire
a taste for them-you change to a new one quickly so that
when it ends the experience won't spoil your whole collection.

7. You have ever interrupted a perhaps-too-passionate kiss to reapply,
because "it was just driving [me] insane."

8. You wake up to reapply.

9. After you eat or drink you reapply.

10.People buy you chapstick as a surefire appeasement.

11.You believe there is a technique to application,
and have spent delicious hours trying to figure out how
to use your chapstick in such a way that it is sculpted
to a special, unique shape by your lips.

12.You are frequently involved in sometimes heated debates
over such topics as the quality of avon's chapstick versus
the chapstick brand.

13.Using one flavor of chapstick after a long reprieve reminds
you of "back in the day..."

14.When you go to a giant superstore, such as Costco's or Walmart,
you spend most of your time in the store in the chapstick aisle
drooling on the huge selection.

15.You have fits that make you willing to risk life and limb to
apply chapstick--thank whatever they've finally come out with
keychain chapstick so you don't have to swerve all over the
road trying to dig it out of your pocket to get a fix while driving.

16.People you don't know have actually commented on
your weird chapstick behavior.

17.You have converted at least 10 people with your addictive ways

18.Your significant other never has to buy or, for that matter,
actually apply any.

Most chapstick junkies are created at a very young age by

the unfortunate complacency of their parents. Unaware of

the child's addictive personality, many parents innocently

introduce chapstick as a regular part of winter playtime--an

accepted habit with sometimes tragic results.

Being a chapstick addict is not an automatic sentence

to failure, however. Many lip balm junkies have gone on

to become successful, functional, almost normal persons

after learning to live in peace with their 0.14-oz.

petroleum-based problem. While becoming a slave to a

little tube of shiny-smooth happiness might not be every

child's dream, you could do worse. At least your lips will always

look perfect, because carcinogens are only visible from the inside.

If you are a chapstick junkie or know someone who is,

it is important to realize that you are not alone in

this dry, cruel world.

Feel free to write me with your own special chapstick stories.


Heroin and chapstick: any difference?

May. 17th, 2006 | 02:59 am
location: Home Putting On Chapstick As We Speak!
mood: happy happy
posted by: jayda26 in chapstickfeind

This is another article that I found while I was reading about the addiction.

You might find it interesting. Some people might not think it's that serious,

but according to this article it is.

Heroin and chapstick: any difference?

I watch a lot of TV, drink a lot of coffee, but you know what's really
addicting? Chapstick.

People always look at me funny whenever I mention the serious nature
of Chapstick addiction, but it's a real issue. Chapstick is just
as addicting as heroin, cocaine and that silly I love the 80s series on VH-1.

I've seen the effects of Chapstick addiction first hand,
and let me tell you: It's no laughing matter.

Many times, my good friend (who shall remain nameless) and I have been on
our way driving home for a semester break when the effects of this
dangerous addiction starts to rear its ugly head.

"My lips are starting to burn! Where's my friggin' Chapstick?"
_________ will shout in a panic.

Burning lips aren't the only symptom of withdrawal from the "stick-o-goodness,"
as I like to call it.

Headaches have also been known the wreak havoc on unfortunate addicts.
I've heard stories of people going on a long trip and suffering because
they forgot their Chapstick.

I myself have had douts with this dangerous treat. In fact, just
yesterday I realized I forgot my Chapstick after I arrived to class.
About halfway through, I started to feel my lips drying up and craved
Chapstick more then ever. Just then, I noticed a stick in the bag of a
student next to me.

It took every ounce of effort in me to not steal the bag and run out of class,
but I didn't.

I agree that Chapstick is needed and serves the better interest of the public,
but we need to examine its effects and its sales tactics. It is marketed no
different than other drugs that are hocked on the street.

First, you always get the first one free. Have you ever noticed how
Chapstick always comes in packages of two? "Buy one get one free," they call it.
This is the same tactic dealers use. Give the first hit free. Then keep them
going with a steady stream so they form an addiction.

Heroin and Chapstick -- it's all the same. You always want more.

And now, gender roles have come into play. Trying to make its use --
and subsequent abuse -- more socially acceptable for men, Blistex
has introduced a line of "Chapstick for men."

Apparently, the new stick doesn't leave a gloss and doesn't have fruity colors
on the label. Something like that. All I know is, according to the mobster-type
person in the commercial, I've been a woman for using "women's Chapstick."

"It's for men, Johnny. For men," the commercial says.

But don't fret, help is out there.

There are ways to beat the addiction. You can join Lip Balm Anonymous.

When you feel like you can't finish the 12-step program and feel the urge to revert
to your old ways, remember that the next time you reach for that Mango
stick-o-goodness, you may be on your way to a life on the streets,
asking for change so you can run and buy a new stick!

I Love This Article! True to every last detail.


(no subject)

May. 17th, 2006 | 02:38 am
mood: chipper chipper
posted by: jayda26 in chapstickfeind

This is my first entry for this community. I hope alot of people will

comment especially those that are just like me. I saw this survey

and I thought it would be a good way to start this off.

Chapstick Survey 101!

1. The most you've ever spent on a chapstick?
2. The worst chapstick flavor you've ever tried?
3. Your favorite chapstick brand?
4. How many times have you applied chapstick in one day?
5. How many chapstick's do you have right now?
6. How far would you go to get chapstick if you didnt have it?
7. What does chapstick mean to you?
8. How long will one chapstick last you?
9. What would you put on you lips if chapstick was not an option?
10.Better stick or tub?